Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System Review

Braun Series 5 550cc Review

Sometimes you simply don’t have the time to clean your shaver after shaving your face. That’s what Braun took care in its models and manufactured the models with their very won cleaning units that also increase the price of these shavers.

Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System Review

Today, I am going to discuss Braun Series 5 550cc Review that is a higher priced but premium electric shaver that not only delivers amazing shaving experience but also cleans itself, thanks to the cleaning station.

It’s a simple black casing shaver with blue highlights which you might nook consider fancy but its performance has no doubts and it will give you smooth and clean face either you use it as dry or wet.

Foil-head shavers by Braun are very popular, even Braun claims that these shavers are better than other rotary shavers. The Braun 5 550cc boasts Contour Adaptive technology, which is adaptable to curves and different shapes of your face like the jawline, chin edges, and under the nose area.

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This shaver will slide over your skin very smoothly, adjusting to each curve and contour, even under the jawline to deal with the thicker shaving.

Braun believes that these shavers are designed to deliver outstanding shaving experience which definitely raises the price tag but to meet the standards of design and performance it’s worth paying for these shavers.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design of this shaver makes it easy for you to grip the shaver, unlike the other shavers that tend to fall in your sink or tap due to less-ergonomic design. You can hold the unit firmly even when it’s highly vibrating. This shaver has curved along the side which allows you to make the grip stronger resulting in the smooth and perfect shave.

The shaving head contains Optifoil technology and the unique design of it allows to capture more hairs in a single pass, and it will also trim close to the skin compared to other shavers. But, all movements are comfortable for your skin avoiding redness and irritation after a morning shave.

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The ActiveLift deals with the flat-lying hairs on your skin that lay against your skin, and in a single pass, not multiple passes. So you avoid the irritation that’s caused by the repetitive rounds of the shaver because the hairs won’t shave off.

ActiveLift is very important because the hairs on the neck should be taken care of properly as it’s a sensitive area where not much pressure is allowed. The patented ActiveLift works with the middle trimmer of the foil head. Braun even claims that the ActiveLift is the only patented middle trimmer which is capable to lift and trim flat-lying hairs.

Additionally, the Braun shaving head is Contour Adaptive which adjusts itself according to your facial shape so you can use the shaver regardless of your facial shape.

Many of the foil shaver by Braun is equipped with triple action cutting system. Three special cutting elements are inserted inside the head to cut the hair, regardless of their size.

Once set of blades deals with short hairs, other deals with long hairs, and the third one grabs the hairs that are lying against the skin. So combined these blades progressively shave off your facial hairs, leaving a clean and smooth skin.

As mentioned earlier, you are free to use this shaver wet or dry, as it comes in 100% waterproof casing. No moisture, oil or water can penetrate into the body to damage the mechanics, allowing you to shaver under the shower or clean the shaver in your tap while shaving. But you already have the cleaning and charge station so it’s better to use the station.

This shaver contains a two-stage LED display at the front side. This display indicates about the remaining battery as well as the time it’s been charging allowing you to properly charge and discharge the shaver.

The package brings Clean and Renew system and the shaver. The system is used for the regular maintenance of the shaver. Simply put the shaver inside the station and using the button on the station, you can clean the shaver, charge the shaver, lubricate the moving parts for longer durability and yes, perform all these actions by simply pressing the button located on the charging and cleaning station.

The cartridges are replaceable and slide into the base of the cleaning unit. This way the cleaning unit takes care of the shaver by killing all the germs and bacteria to enhance the life of the shaver.

The best part about this shaver is that in case you forgot to put the shaver in the unit for charging and the next morning the shaver is out of battery, you can use the charger plug to plug it into the wall to quickly get a five minutes charge which will be enough to give you a morning shave and after then you can simply place the shaver in the cleaning unit so that it’s fully charged up next time.

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Overall, Braun Series 5 500cc is an excellent shaver with unique design and great features that allow this shaver to achieve maximum results for shaving your skin and facial hairs of any time. This unit comes in a higher price tag, so it’s recommended for you if you prefer quality over price.

  • Smooth shaving experience with latest features
  • Great cleaning and recharge unit
  • Best ergonomic design
  • Not pocket-friendly for many people.

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