Best Electric Shavers and Razors 2019 Reviews

best electric shaverI’m sure you’re with me on this one…

Electric shavers have made our life easier,

Here’s how:

Comfortable and quick shave, maximum closeness and quiet performance.

The biggest problem is finding the right shaver for your skin type, isn’t it?

And in this post, I’m going to share how to pick best electric razor that suits your skin type and facial hairs.

Before the nitty gritty:

Here’s a quick overview of the important points to consider while purchasing the best electric shaver. To know more about types of electric shavers for each skin type read these electric shaver buying tips, we covered below.

Closeness – The major factor because you won’t be satisfied if the shaver doesn’t shave close enough.

Comfort and convenience – A shaver which offers ease of access and very comfortable to use will make the life easier, rather than adding time to your daily routine.

Speed – How fast the shaver is determined by cycles per minute, as with manual blade you can clean the shaver under 10 minutes, but the shaver should tale 2-3 minutes.

Battery Life – In 2019 you should expect 50 to 60 minutes of cordless shaving with latest models.

Durability – The longer the electric shaver lasts, the more you can get for the price.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Best Electric Shavers 2019

See this comparison chart to check features and prices of top shavers.

Electric ShaverWeightWet/DryNatureCheck Price
Braun Series 7 790CC
0.44NoFoil Check Price
Braun Series 9 9095CC0.49YesFoil Check Price
Panasonic ES-LV950.39YesFoil Check Price
Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D0.42YesRotary Check Price
Panasonic Arc 40.44YesFoil Check Price
Wahl 80610.49NoFoil Check Price
Philips AT8300.38YesRotary Check Price
Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s0.44YesFoil Check Price
Remington F5-58000.44NoFoil Check Price
Panasonic Arc 30.39YesFoil Check Price
Philips Norelco 90000.43NoRotary Check Price
Philips OneBlade0.41NoFoil Check Price

Electric Shaver Reviews

Without further ado let’s analyze each shaver by reading the reviews.

 1.  Braun Series 7 790CCBraun Series 7 790CC – Best-Selling Electric Shaver

Our first electric razor in this list is by the most famous electric shaver brand called Braun. The Braun series 7 is the most popular series by Braun and the shaver we are reviewing is the Braun Series 7 790cc which is the most sold electric shaver so far.

Though there are successor series by Braun but this unit has got maximum reviews and still the best electric shaver serving thousands of consumers by giving satisfying shave without the use of any gels or lotions and promises a clean look every time.

This shaver is quite different in terms of features and provides amazingly close shaving experience compared to other models.

There are three trimmers located at the head to tackle all types of hair with minimal friction and irritation. Two of these trimmers are labeled as “OptiFoil” and the other one is known as “ActiveLift”.

The OptiFoil trimmers: Deal with long facial hairs in fewer strokes leaving your skin uniformly smooth.

The ActiveLift trimmer:  Cut short hairs, in-grown hairs in different directions.

The reason why this sharp electric razor captures more and more hairs in each stroke is that it produces 10,000 micro vibrations per minute making it a best Pulsonic electric shaver.

The shaver head is flexible enough to move easily around the face contours and neck to grasp all the long hair, curly hair, and stubble, all with one smooth swipe.

If you shave daily then do not worry about cleaning the shaver as it comes with an advanced cleaning system the Cleaning and Charging Dock which charges the shaver as well as cleans it by pushing one single button and also kills 99% of germs at the same time.

Here’s a quicker:

Depending on your skin type and hairs you can choose Normal, Intensive and Extra Sensitive mode as this shaver offers 3 personalization modes making one of the modest hair removing devices.

Another great inclusion is the pop-up trimmer which is a good tool to remove the first amount of growth painlessly including mustache and sideburns.

This Braun shaver can reduce discomfort suffer from razor burn, rashes or ingrown hairs and the foils won’t get hot after a prolonged use resulting to cut stray, wiry and flat lying hairs impressively well.

The major drawback of this electric shaver is the absence of Wet&Dry Technology. With this technology, you can shave on the dry skin surface or can get slippery shaving using gels. All other Braun models have this feature and they are very costly.

This best-selling electric shaver brings automatic cleaning station with it and the replacement shaving heads easily allows you to get rid of annoying flat-lying hairs.

Overall, Braun Series 7 790cc is the top choice for smaller beards, bigger beards and longer hair guys. Offers the number of features including 3 trimmers, cleaning dock, pivoting head making it a pure versatile shaving solution in affordable price.
  • Hottest selling electric shavers
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Easier to clean
  • Ultra-close shave
  • Different modes for personalization
  • Lacks Wet&Dry Technology

 2.  Braun Series 9 9095CC – Best Electric Razor 2018

Braun Series 9 9095CCThe next shaver on our list is the Braun Series 9 9095cc from the latest series launched by Braun.

It’s totally covered with chrome-finished plastic which feels very comfortable and very substantial in your hand.

Not only looks but works great too, and gives a closer shave than any foil electric razor resulting in smooth, kissable face.

Here’s the kicker:

There are two cutting elements which allow this shaver to deliver outstanding performance.

Direct and Cut: Shave the areas of the face where hairs are pointing in all different directions

Hyper-lift and cut: lift up and then cut the hairs which lie flat in the neck and chin areas to get best shaving experience.

Braun 9095cc has four-way shear system floating grills, four cutting elements, two Optifoil foils, to come very close to a manual shave.

Saying it a big shaver won’t be wrong as it produces 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute unlike the 790cc with 10,00 micro vibrations. The inclusion of the pop-up trimmer leaves your face bloody cut-free for small hairs.

The body is made up of plastic unlike the 799cc with the metal head. If you have the normal beard which are shaved on daily basis then no need to spend a lot of money. But this shaver feels comfortable on the skin.

This shaver can work flawlessly for an hour on a single charge and features an “emergency charge” of 5 minutes to help you when you are in a hurry.

NOTE: Models having “cc” in their name refer to Charging and Cleaning station.

Like many high-quality electric shavers, this terrific unit comes with charging and cleaning station and avoid manual cleaning and oiling like other manual razors.

The great inclusion of Wet&Dry technology allows this shaver to be rinsed or may even work in the shower. So use it on dry skin or if you have sensitive skin use it with gel without any problem.

With this shaver you can trim, style, and groom all facial hair getting maximum closeness from it’s ultramodern swag while minimizing redness and burning.

Braun Series 7 vs the Braun Series 9

Confused to pick the best braun shaver?

Generally Series 7 versus Series 9 have not huge difference but there are few things which differentiate both.

Both are high-quality foil shavers But the Braun series 9 shaver is easier and faster gives maximum closeness and features powerful motor.

While the Braun Series 7 delivers best value for the money. Lacks Wet&Dry technology compared woth Series 9 but available in much cheapest price than series 9.

In a nutshell, this shaver works perfectly on every skin type slicing each and every single hair with it’s multiple trimmers making it one of the elite electric shaver if you can ignore the plastic body snag.
  • Works perfectly on every skin and beard.
  • Multiple trimmers to cut down all hairs
  • 40,000 Cross-cutting actions
  • Best choice for dry and wet shaves
  • Plastic body gives a cheaper feel
  • Expensive unit

 3.  Panasonic ES-LV95 – Best luxury electric razor

Panasonic ES-LV95When looking for best electric shavers, we only have seen finest electric shavers by Panasonic in the market.

Though this electric shaver is bit expensive but offers great performance and best value for the money.

It’s predecessor ES-LV81 has been the favorite electric shaver of the consumers and so the upgraded model ES-LV95 is.

This shaver has a glossy black finish and light-up screen, blades are also very generous: wide and plentiful and cover a massive amount of surface area.

Those who prefer extremely clean and close shave can make their decision to buy this tool without thinking twice. Especially, if you are curious about the manually done shaving, this electric shaver does the much better job compared with the manual shave.

We noticed that the shaving came out very natural while shaving with this luxury electric shaver and ended up with an extremely close shave and smooth skin. Similarly, this shaver does super-fast shaving saving you a plenty of time.

NOTE: The built-in screen shows an accurate representation of remaining battery as well as keeps you notified how long you have been shaving and when you need to turn the shaver off.

Another cool feature is the inclusion of cleaning station which is used to remove the hairs and clean the blades by just pressing a button after you are done shaving, super-simple and super easy, isn’t it?

Just in case you don’t want to put the shaver back in the cleaning station you can use the protective cover that comes with it or you can buy a separate leather travelling pouch to make it simple.

Besides these great features and characteristics, this shaver has some snags including the noise: loud enough like a swarm of bees.

If you want very close shave this shaver have extremely thin foils machined with great precision and high quality giving you quick dry shave even in fast shaving sessions. For cleaning the detergent-based cleaning fluid lasts longer than Braun’s alcohol-based cleaning solution.

Similarly, if you have sensitive skin, in the beginning, this shaver will be a bit harsh for you, but nothing to worry about as after multiple shaves done your skin will adjust with the shaver.

Overall, this is a wonderful electric shaver with extraordinary features which are worthy of the price you pay. Regardless of these minor flaws, it’s an ideal electric shaver in the market.
  • Cleans with the push of a button
  • Great display with all necessary information
  • The inclusion of cleaning station is best
  • Suitable for coarse facial hair
  • Tough on sensitive skin
  • Operational noise can be awkward sometimes

 4.  Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D – Best Rotary Shaver for Head and Beard

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3DThe only best rotary shavers we have seen are by Philips from a number of brands out there. Philips Norelco 3D is the king of Rotary shavers which is effective in shaving both the beard and hair on the head.

It’s the most comfortable shaver with the powerful cutting system and really sticks to the skin and moves smoothly around your face, jawline and neck resulting in an efficiently close shave.

The pivoting head of Norelco effectively reaches all of the hairs on every curve and stubbles and Its attention to contours increases hair collection by 20%.

Foils are very helpful while shaving your head, as they can move upward and downward, spin and tilt at any angle making Norelco the best electric shaver for bald guys. The head of this shaver is labelled as “GyroFlex 3D” allowing the shaver to move in a three-dimensional pattern.

Another amazing feature of this top-of-the-line rotary razor is “Super Lift&Cut” also available in Braun as ActiveLift and in Panasonic as Lift-Tech. This feature let the shaver move on curves of your face, neck and jawline and snatches hair like breeze. With its optimal cutting position, you get an intimate shave while picking up in-grown hairs and flat hairs.

Don’t get fooled by the premium looks, though it easily lifts hairs it’s plastic and rubber body will give you a feel of lower end shaver in other words the grip isn’t too comfortable at all. Another biggest drawback is the fixed battery, which leaves you no choice but to replace your electric shaver if gets out of order.

Philips shavers are rebranded as Norelco Series 8000 shavers (8900, 8800, 8700 etc) and the newer 9000 Series is also becoming popular and the difference between both series is minimal. The only difference between them is that the technology is renamed. So, you can use the actual core of shaver for many years by replacing the shaver heads.

Overall, Norelco 3D is the most advanced shaver which comfortably handles all types of hair. The reason why it’s the great rotary shaver is the ability to do things which others cannot. But, few downsides make it feel like cheap. If you overcome those it’s a good bang for the buck.
  • An improved version of a rotary shaver
  • Head can move in 3 dimensions
  • Three independent foils
  • Extremely comfortable and close shaving provider
  • Top class electric shaver
  • Low class Built design
  • Replacement of parts are expensive
  • Irreplaceable battery
  • Can be charged using dock except cord

 5.  Panasonic Arc 4 – Best Budget Electric Shaver

Panasonic Arc 4Panasonic Arc 4 is another marvelous model by Panasonic featuring 4 blades in the head but lacking charging dock.

Arc 4 can make your face smoother and shinier (and kissable!) like Arc 5 but lacks on comfortability.

Nearly all features are from Arc 5 except the charging dock and one trimmer in the head.

The 4-blase system of Arc 4 is sharp enough to give you extremely close shave without a need to stretch your skin. The fixed blade gives you a safer cut regardless of the density of your beard.

The closest shaving experience is made possible with ultra-sharp cutters, the blades are extremely durable and they can pivot at 30 degrees in any direction. Either you have a thin beard or denser beards, the 14,000 CPM dual action motor generates enough power to deal with it.

Arc 4 can work continuously for 40 minutes on a single charge and in this battery backup, it solidifies ultimate shaving comfort.

Overall, Arc 4 gives better shave and saves you money. Performs well for any skin surface and can withstand many years of quality usage. Spending dollars on this shaver is the worthwhile investment.
  • Low-price compared with high-tech shavers with similar features
  • LED Panel notifies about battery and motor speed.
  • All-in-one shaver/trimmer/groomer
  • Not much comfortable
  • Lacks cleaning and charging dock

 6.  Wahl Professional 8061 – Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Wahl Professional 8061Tackling hairlessness is the largest issue if you cannot find the right hair removal gadget. That said, we have an American made Wahl shaver which is mostly used by the professional brabers.

Among other beard trimmers for ingrown-hair treatments, Wahl is the most favorite and lightweight electric razor which feels good in the hand as well as catches hair like charm.

Why its the prefered choice is that it draws the hair up before slicing it off with hardly any effort. The Dynaflex Cutting system allows this trimmer to reach and stick to harder areas while preventing cuts and burns.

The hypoallergenic foils give antimicrobial protection from bacteria. All these things jointly make this shaver an ideal choice for those having very sensitive skin.

The thoughtful design allows you to have stronger grip, made of plastic but gives premium feel as you are paying a very little money to get an aluminium or metal body.

This Unit only takes one hour to charge (using USB) versus four to eight hours with most less-expensive shavers. While shaving the vibrations might feel uncomfortable because they are strong but it depends how strong you hold it.

The reason why it’s not on four or five number is that this is a finishing shaver which works nicely on stubble length hairs and ideal for those who shave only daily basis.

The bottomline, the Wahl Professional 8061 is best for sensitive skin and comes with hypoallergenic foil heads for skin protection, has long battery life and can stay in the shaving kit when you are out for travel. Worthy for each and every buck you pay.
  • Best shaver for barbers
  • Good to take while on the go
  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Nice design
  • High vibrations
  • Heats up quickly
  • Lacks Wet&Dry technology

 7.  Philips Norelco AT830 – Best Affordable Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco AT830The Philips Norelco AT830 is another famous entry-level shaver which shaves faster and smoother with it’s sharp blades. If you tend to use rotary shave over foil then this inexpensive rotary shaver is great deal for you.

Comes with number of features including Wet & Dry technology and PowerTouch leaving most basic foil shavers behind. Some people want cost-effective but dedicated electric-shaver to get good value for money. That’s what Norelco AT830 does. Though the price bar is low but as are the drawbacks compared to other Custom Shavers.

It’s head can pivot at a certain angle unlike SensorTouch in all of the 3 dimensions. But the DualPrecision Technology allows this shaver to pull facial hair away from the skin also lift hairs of mustache area and under the lower lip. You have to gently pull the skin taut with one hand and let the razor glide over your face in slow sessions. With few steady strokes you can easy tackle longest, toughest facial hairs.

Inclusion of pop-trimmer makes shaving easier and quicker though it’s not extendable but it can reach plance areas to smooth your face. Battery life is awesome, with a single charge you can get 50 minutes of battery backup.

Rotary shavers are known to give comfortable shaving experience and following that Norelco AT830 follows the path providing extremely comfortable shave with its knife-sharp edges doing knife-like slicing.

For this shaver doesn’t matter how close you want your shave and what kind of beard you have. It’s sharp blade glides across your face and slices your whiskers close to the skin. You have to press gentle and keep moving , avoid to press the shave hard, just like you are holding a tissue paper, leave the rest on AT830.

If you want to fill smaller holes mean a less-aggressive shave Norelco is recommended choice.

Unlike most modern electrics this doesn’t have alcohol-based sanitizing fluid to clean. A gentle brushing will clean your razor when your shaver is dirty. Because alcohol-based fluid will naturally evaporate within a few hours.

Overall, Norelco does faster shave on tougher hairs and has gorgeous design compared to it’s earliest electric shaver models. Being a bid-level electri shaver, it offers hanful of top-end features in low price while doing the job extremely quiet.
  • Handsome and comfortable shaver
  • Sensitive skin friendly
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Best option for affordability
  • Head pivots on little angle

 8.  Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s – Best electric shaver for the shower

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040sBraun is constantly providing the best quality electric shavers at affordable prices. Similarly, we are looking at the Braun Series 3 ProSkin which delivers great shaving experience allowing you to shaver in the shower.

What makes it an amazing electric shaver is the ease of access with rubberized grip and streamlined body designed to minimize internal leaks. So, unlike the higher end shavers with too many features, you can eliminate the steep learning curve of using the shaver.

Guess what?

This affordable electric shaver comes with a built-in display which is common in the majority of electric razors. You can see the remaining battery life with this display, though it’s not that accurate but helps you put the shaver on charge whenever you feel like.

This shaver gives nice shaving experience and can catch maximum hairs on the first try as it’s designed to handle the moisture. Unlike the other flagship electric shavers this won’t go much closer but with the lower price and ease of access, we cannot expect the performance that is better than what the shaver already offers.

NOTE: This shaver works best on the wet face as well as on dry So those who want to get out of bed, shaver and leave for work would find this shaver ideal.

Praised enough, let’s face some snags of this shaver.

Rather than offering close shave, the shaver leaves much of the stubble for behind in certain situations. You can ignore this in case of trimmer but with a full-fledged electric shaver, this is something sensitive. Another major drawback which is important for the potential buyers to consider is that it charges slowly, so recommended option is to charge overnight or when you do not need it.

Overall, this electric shaver is the easiest electric shaver as well as cheap. So without spending a lot of money, you can get a high-quality shave.
  • Excellent electric shaver
  • Cheaper than other high-end shavers
  • Good value for the money
  • Works good on wet face and dry face
  • Takes time getting charged
  • Leaves stubble behind

 9.  Remington F5-5800 – Best Electric Shaver Under $50

Remington F5-5800After all these fanciest shavers with electronic indicators we have Remington F5-5800 to deal with cleanliness. Unlike the wallet-busting shavers above this one does fastest job spending lot less money.

You might feel comfortable in hand-carry while dealing with heavy beard growth. For budget users, this is top pick for electric shaving in inexpensive cost.

NOTE: Having cheap price doesn’t mean the shave quality declines.

This shaver brings 2 foils and 1 trimmer adjusted in the head which can easily pivot downward and upward while dealing with light-and-wispy bearded resulting in the velvety face giving credible stubble-levelling results in a decent price.

It’s some type of foil-rotary hybrid and compared to standard razor blade this shaver delivers 10 time more clearness as the sharpener(clippers) are very fast-cutters.

If you choose mid-morning to shave or at night this shaver can work like a gimmick. As this electricity-driven shaving contraption does good job of the handheld cutting head attached by a heavy cord to a motor—a gigantic motor to generate enough power.

If you push the shaver hard skin will be hot and can be harsh for sensitive skin if not used gently. But using spray lubricant might be helpful.

Cleaning this shaver is very easy, you have to remove the head and rinse it in warm water and liquid soap to remove all the pre-shave lotion you used. If not cleaned properly it can feel patchy and probably painful.

So consider this new tool as healing the scrapes caused by a manual razor compared to the pulling/shearing of a more powerful shaver.

switching from a manual to an electric is only possible when you have enough trust that your facial surface won’t be damaged either you use foil razor models or rotary to get smooth results after catch the longest hairs to the shortest stubble.

This dynamic electric shaver is cheap but comes in the list of more efficient shavers as it comfortably handles all types of hair and gives perfect finishing touch.

Many vintage shavers and safety razor are beaten up by latest technology shavers with twistable trimmer, precision trimmer, pop-up trimmers and many other features. But this one beats them all with it’s uniquely shaped head.

It keeps close contact with your skin and cutting through tougher hair and any trims kind of facial hair into a carefully crafted look increasing the body grooming charm which most standard electric razors are unable to give.

The Remington crop of electric shavers easily separates good electric shavers from the best electric shavers making F5-5800 a great beard styler.

When moving on your skin it avoids irritation and clips your hair giving you smooth shaving experience like King of Shaves(highest-quality rotary shaver)does.

As the price is cheap so few things are adjusted according to it, plastic body gives cheaper feel but the overall performance is shearing.

Overall, this excellent shaver pulls your whisker outward compared to regular razors it does the much efficient job and comes in the list of most less-expensive shavers. In fact, this is the most affordable electric razor so far we have.
  • Works best on chin or cheek.
  • Pivoting head
  • Comfortable shaving experience
  • Plastic body
  • Makes noise

 10.  Panasonic Arc 3 – Best Cordless Electric Shaver

Panasonic Arc 3Whatever version of the Panasonic you get one thing which is always must is closeness. Rotaries are three-head shaver but this smart shaver has 3 blade cutting system which shaves hairs from angles of the blades on the head.

In fact you get most effortless shave either you have full beard or short hairs. Arc 3 beats many high-end Braun shavers with it’s ultimate performance making it an elegant solution compared to the Series 5, 7 or 9.

Comes with handful of features including LED indicator, pivoting head which contains 3 extremely sharp blades responsible to deliver close shave. Great battery life and Wet&Dry technology, guess what all under $70.

If you know What hair are you going to shave choosing electric shavers except this won’t be a good decision. It brings it’s cleaning/charging station.

There are 3 nanotech blades in the Arc 3 head which are hypoallergenic making it a perfect solution for sensitive skin.

One thing is sure that you are only going to prefer a rotary to a foil shaver if the rotary failed in providing close shave.

The smooth shave is achieved by the adjustable pivoting head as it not only scratches beneath the facial surface to cut below skin level but moves smoothly to avoid cuts and bleeding.

The bar-shaped cutting mechanism is hidden beneath a thin, perforated metal shell with the foils remaining cool during your shave.

With much electric Arc 3 is a better-looking shaver and best bang for the buck. If you know manual shaving too rough then you will end up buying this shaver.

Few consumers said it gives slight problem handling stubble underneath the nose but you can adjust while using it.

Overall, Arc 3 offers premium features in no value but spending 30 seconds to 1 minute won’t be headache for you. Use it under shower using foam or using any gel.
  • LED Panel
  • Close shaving experience
  • Motor is noisy
  • You might feel irritative

 11.  Philips Series 9000 – Wet & Dry Electric

Philips Series 9000Are you a manual razor guy or the electric razor guy? Dedicated users of electric shavers know there are two types of consumers foil shavers and rotary razors.

For a large number of users Norelco Series, 9000 shavers are head and shoulder above the competition.

The nicely-contoured grip of its unusual body shape makes it supremely comfortable to move the shaver on your skin to get a closer shave every single day.

There are round circular blades on the shaver head, these rotary blades can tile, pivot and flex like breeze compared to the traditional shaver, thanks to the 8-direction COntourDetectHeads by Philips. The cutting heads are smartly-designed with 3 layers of grooves nicely-positioned in order to get rid of different types of facial hair grown on men’s face, stubborn strands which have been untouched for a while.

Another cool system called “Super Lift & Cut Action” allows to catch hairs at all angles from neck and jaw avoiding multiple passes giving super-quick accurate shaving.

This modern electric shaver does sensitive cutting we haven’t seen much closest shave of any rotatry shaver like this does.

The closeness of a manual shaver compared to Norelco 9000 is nothing. It works like a charm on thick bears which grows quickly and beats many top-ranked foil shavers.

Why we prefer rotary shaver of foil razors is that this shaver does nice pressure distribution around the face, the three pivoting heads are largely equalized to reduce irritation and inflammation when shaving.

Norelco is best rotary razor which capture and cut difficult facial hair and thick beards leaving no shorter facial hair behind. It’s sharp blades offer excellent value for money as it pulls dense facial hair making shaving longer hairs breeze.

In addition, the SmartClean system of this shaver instantly washes the lubricants and dries the razor even when it’s being charged.

Overall, Norelco 9000 is a high-quality best rotary razor thoughtfully designed to give better shave than many expensive Philips shavers.
  • Wet and dry shaver
  • Dry shaver gives close, smooth finish
  • Cleaning side of the jaw and under the nose on the top lip was a little tricky with the circular blades
  • Trimming brush comes separately

 12.  Philips OneBlade

Philips OneBladeThe Philips OneBlade has similar looks to a traditional razor because it shares a lot with traditional razors.

Comes with a slender handle and body making it easy to transport. But after ever four months blades needed to be replaced. It’s blades cuts safely and finely, and if you repeat the same spot a few times from different angles you can get the smoothest shave ever.

Similarly, the manufacturer offers several combs to make your selection to trim lengths of up to 5mm, which is perfect for little facial hairs but a proper beard trimmer will be required for full-grown beard owners.

OneBlade produces no satisfying whizzing sounds like the regular shaver when hacking hair away. So silently you can deal with the beard that needs trimming or can get clean-shaven regularly.

The amazing shaver performance was outstanding. Three-day hair growth was removed quickly and efficiently like the one-day growth and two-day growth. No irritation was felt at the end of the shave.

But the bathroom sink was covered with beard trimmings. Using shave gel and using the flat part of the blade cuts down on the mess.

Those who are okay with the rough feel or like to cut down few day’s growths will find OneBlade awesome.

The battery takes eight hours to charge and only gives 45 minutes of battery life. For beard trimming battery consumption will be faster and for maintenance shaving, it will last for hours.

Overall, OneBlade gives clean shave without letting you squint into the mirror. Does the job quickly and fastly compared with other stylers making this shaver an excellent choice.
  • Body trimmer as well as a beard trimmer
  • Effortlessly cuts regular beard growth
  • Wet and Dry
  • Requires replacement blades
  • Takes a long time to juice up(charge)

Electric Shaver Buying Guide

electric shaver buyer guide

To choose the best shaver for you skin type you need to know why picking the best electric shaver is difficult and then the types of electric shavers boiling it down to the best for your skin type.

Keep reading…

Why is choosing an electric shaver so complicated?

The real problem is the availability of a sheer number of models, that’s where one gets confused to make a decision.

The solution?

This ultimate guide, yes. We have done an intensive research and prepared this buying guide which allows you to quickly reveal the top shavers and prevent buying over-hyped lower-end shavers.

From a large number of electric shavers, we have selected only the worthy shavers with their pros and cons. Also, we explain how to buy the right shaver for your skin type.

Keep reading…

If you have sensitive skin you need comfortable shave and if you have normal skin you want a close shave. Now that you know what shaving you need it’s time to know which shaver gives what shave.

Let me explain…

Mainly, there are two types of shavers rotary and foil. Next, you will see which shaver is for which skin type.

Rotary vs Foil – Which one to choose

The difference between foil and rotary shavers is not much but it’s important to know foil versus rotary razors to get a great shave or superior shave.

Rotary vs Foil

Rotary Shaver

Rotary-system have two, three, or four circular cutting heads and behind the grid, there are spinning blades.

Generally, rotaries are often quieter and easier to clean than foil competitors.

But truly speaking, they do not provide enough closeness like the foil shavers do.

But making a rotary choice is not the wrong decision they can be used for facial hair removal or typically coiled hair.

So instead of snipping the hairs they gently pull hairs on the areas where foils cannot reach.

Foil Shaver

Foil shavers are amazing beard lifters, their widest array of electric razors is popular for giving closeness and are designed to glide over facial contours with cutters that oscillate behind a perforated screen.

Let me explain…

The foil-based system gives ultra-closeness without letting you experience skin irritation.

You can think of foil style like a pair of scissors than a knife. They have amazing cutting mechanism from achieving contact with whisker-trapping labyrinths.

The reason is simply that they have been using pulses and sonic vibrations to their higher-end models. So we recommend using foil shavers but the foil-based product is good at their own place and rotaries at their own.

Related Questions

Do I need a waterproof Shaver?
A waterproof shaver can work with shaving gel, best for sensitive skin. Sometimes, shaving gel can clog up a shaver more quickly resulting in a mess to clean the shaver.
How should i deal with cleaning
Few shavers needed to be cleaned manually after use. For that just remove the head and wash it under the tap(if the shaver is completely waterproof), otherwise use the provided brush to clean the junk. While, some models have their own cleaning and charging stand to deal with cleaning. Those who use electric shaver every day need to get the shaver with a cleaning stand to save time.
What's a precision trimmer for?
Precision trimmer is a pop-up trimmer which goes in hard-to-reach areas and to neaten sideburns for detail work using a single blade. With some shavers, it comes built-in into the handle and with some shaver, it comes as a separate attachment.
How important is battery life?
If there are many family members in a house using same electric shaver then it’s important for a shaver to have long battery life. Majority of shavers stay live up to 50 minutes in a single charge. But for thicker hair or longer beards(hair length is more than 3mm) more time will be required to clean resulting in more battery consumption per shot.


Finally, I would say that every electric shaver has its own advantages and disadvantages, our responsibility was to show you the top models according to price, features and performance. Now it’s your turn to pick your best electric shave following the guidelines.

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